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When I created the Prelude Photography concept, I endeavored to incorporate four basic principles which remain the foundation of my reputation.

My primary focus is on service. I personally look after everything from our initial consultation, to the delivery of your finished product. This allows you to choose your photographer with confidence, and eliminates the confusion often present in the "large studio" situation.

I specialize in weddings. This allows me to concentrate on one type of photography and avoid the distractions that plague general photographers. I will only accept one wedding per day. This ensures that I arrive fresh and able to concentrate on your wedding day.

Effective planning is the cornerstone of a successful wedding. I am available to assist you in all aspects of your wedding plans as well as the capture, design and presentation of your photography.

Simplicity is the basis of all my packaging. Previews are included. Payment policies are simple and allow for effective budgeting.

In the last few years, I have emerged as one of the leaders in my industry in digital technologies. Digital output has dramatically enhanced the quality of my finished work. It has opened doors to products and services previously not possible. Now the capture of great images is just the beginning. The myriad of options for creative expression in the finished product continues to fuel my passion for this profession.

I look forward to assisting you and your fiance in assembling your wedding memories.


I have been a professional photographer for over twenty years. During those years I have experienced different forms of providing photography services to customers. My experiences began in Poland and Germany as a freelance photographer for several magazines and studios. For the past twelve years I have been working in Ontario, specializing in weddings. At the same time I have owned two photography studios within a larger franchise organization. These years provided me with a sound understanding of photography and a sincere appreciation for weddings. Shortly after leaving the large photography franchise I created the Prelude Photography concept.

With well over 1000 weddings under my belt, I understand that there is more to wedding photography than taking pretty pictures. With a straightforward and honest approach, I remain dedicated to providing the finest products and personal service available in Southern Ontario.


Michal Tomaszewski

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